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My name is Michelle Thomas, and I am the founder and owner of Dream Without Permission LLC. As a young child, I always had a vivid imagination and big ideas that at times felt too big for my little body and beyond my means. As I got older, I always knew it was a passion for me to bring to life all of my thoughts and feelings with stories. Dream Without Permission has been a personal mantra for me in reminding myself that I do not need permission to live, exist, and go after whatever my heart is moved to do. 

I've worked over 15 years in academia supporting young adults in different capacities through their journey of discovery. Witnessing young people go after their goals and dreams has  in turn, pushed me to do the same. As a first-generation business owner, Dream Without Permission is truly aligned with my passion and also is a way for me to ignite that passion in others.

I genuinely believe that all amazing creations and accomplishments start first with a dream. Dreams should be big, dreams should be limitless, dreams should be wild, and dreams should be free! Dream Without Permission is a company dedicated to publishing books and producing merchandise that promotes individuals to dream big and think beyond any limitations that have been placed on them.

Michelle Thomas, Owner

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